Monday, September 23, 2013

It has been a while...

I have not written in this blog in over 9 months because it was for one of my college classes. I figured after the class was done I would be done writing in it but once in a while I hear a great quote or I have something on my mind that I feel should be publicized.

I saw this in an article I read today called "If I Could Tell My Adolescent Self What I Know Now." The girl that wrote this article just turned 22 which the age I am at, but now I am almost 23...

You’ll feel the most pain when you witness good people go through the worst bullsh*t.

When you watch your mom and dad work hard for what they have and it crumbles before their eyes, you’ll feel the most pain. When you watch your grandparents feel the repercussions of backaches and leg problems from decades of working hard labor jobs, you’ll feel the most pain. When you witness an innocent child born with a disability that they didn’t ask for, you’ll feel the most pain. The best solution to that is to remind these people that they’re precious and loved.

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